Spens Family History
Nathaniel's Paintings

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Reply Arthurbycle
12:44 PM on December 8, 2019 
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Reply RobertgoG
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Reply BerratorOthek
8:22 PM on November 18, 2019 
Reply cllouise
4:50 AM on July 30, 2018 
MelaniT says...
The Rt Hon The Lord Spens, Patrick Nathaniel George Spens, The h Baron Spens , Chief of the Name and Arms of Spens in the United Kingdom.

I appreciate you taking time to look at my website. Michael Spens of Wormiston reviewed the documentation with me. Do you have any comments you would like to make?
Reply MelaniT
11:04 AM on July 15, 2018 
The Rt Hon The Lord Spens, Patrick Nathaniel George Spens, The h Baron Spens , Chief of the Name and Arms of Spens in the United Kingdom.
Reply Robert Brown
11:11 PM on May 20, 2016 
This is great information about the Spence family. Puts many names in perspective. Nathaniel Spence the Painter.
Reply Ann Abbott
1:28 PM on March 4, 2016 
My Great-grandmother was the daughter of Mary Burnhope who married Thomas Wilson [ not Fletcher as some sites show!]. E-mail me if this is of interest to anybodShe was the sister of Jane 1st wife of Nathaniel Spens. They were married in St John's Church, Newcastle [Sept 4th 1861 Vol 10b p112] ], the same church as Mary Burnhope married Thomas Wilson . I believe that Mary [Oliver] Burnhope may be the link to that church. That marriage pre-dates that given in family tree history. Nathaniel age 13 lived o Argyle Street Newcastle upon Tyne and his father is give as being a printer master. Sarah Ann Spens the older sister born Gateshead 1829. My great-grandmother also died young age 29 having had 2 sons by my paternal grandfather John William Abbott. She died of miscarriage. My grandfather married a young woman who lived on same street who was widowed around same time.
my e-mail is anna4nimbin@yahoo.com


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