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Mary Campbell Spens Portrait

Page 2893 - Pioneer Women Faith and Fortitude

Mary and her family emigrated to New York from London on May 23, 1866 on the ship, "American Congress." They lived in McKeesport, Pennsylvania for two years before traveling on to Salt Lake Valley. They needed employment in order to save enough money for the long journey.

They joined the wagon train of William Seeley at Laramie, Wyoming, and walked much of the way. When they arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, they camped their covered wagon in the tithing yard for three months. Finally, her family was assigned to settle in American Fork where they built a dugout for their home.

Mary became as proficient as her mother at making cat?tail rugs to dress the dirt floor. At age nineteen, Mary married a man who was twice widowed. She reared his two little girls to adulthood. Of the twelve children Mary bore, ten grew to adulthood. She taught them all the restored gospel and accompanied them to church each week.

Mary was a tall slender woman. She had no schooling, she could not read or write. No one could "short change" her on money. She was a serious person with little humor in her personality. She was thrifty and clean in her housekeeping, and immaculate and neat in her personal habits.

One day, while she was living in Salt Lake City, an electrical storm came up. She stepped to the door just as lightning struck a tree in front of her. The tree split and the imprint of half of it was left on her body. The hair was singed from her head and she fell to the ground. She recovered completely and never had fear of lightning.



"Portrait of Mary Campbell Spens" donated by Spens and Vesta Rasmussen to Springville Art Museum, restored for $400 by the Spens Family Heritage Organization then traded in return for The Stone Bridge, to be donated to Daughters of the Utah Pioneers by Spens Heritage Organization.

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