Nathaniel Spens Family Heritage


"Kirk with Crooked Spire"


             The Painting: "The Kirk"                                             Postcard: "Church of the Crooked Spire"

"The Kirk" (33 5/8" by 23 1/2") was painted for Joe Coates of Mount Pleasant, Utah and donated to Springville Art Museum in Springville, Utah by Eva and Viv McQueary.  The painting was restored for the museum by the Spens Heritage Organization ($700). The painting is signed May 91 N.S. The Church at Chesterfield stands today as depicted by the post card above. The spire was added to the church toward the close of the 14th century and gradually twisted and bulged, possibly due to the heat of sun on green timber. The Church of the Crooked Spire is The Parish Church of Our Lady & All Saints. The Spens Family Heritage Organization donated a print to the Parish Church.

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